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Audiosyncracy: the podcast

The Audiosyncracy podcast features the efforts of an international grouping of independent musicians in the "new age," contemporary acoustic, and neo-classical genres. All music played on the podcast is only with the express consent of the artist.

Find more info about most podcast artists on myFacebook page! There's a Twitter feed, of course!

The sole purpose of the podcast is the promotion of independent new age musicians. These artists work tirelessly in the creation of outstanding new music and are deserving of your support. The podcast serves a means of helping them reach new ears. I hope you're visiting here because you've heard the podcast! If not, it's available via one of the mechanisms at right. I certainly you'll show your support for their work by purchasing their music. Please tell the artists you heard their music on the Audiosyncracy podcast!

Audiosyncracy: the radio show

The radio show serves the El Paso, Texas, USA market of 700,000 on public radio station KTEP. Airing on Sunday evenings at 11 pm till midnight Mountain time (-7 UTC), the show features independent and signed "new age" artists with a fairly wide variety of music.

The show posts weekly playlists to my Facebook page. The radio show AND podcast both contribute monthly reports to the Zone Music Reporter.
I don't e-mail playlist info; please check Facebook for spins.

Submitting your music

I actively solicit music submissions for the radio show and/or the podcast. I feature solo piano and guitar, neo-classical, some neo-jazz, electronica and some vocals.

For the radio show, digital downloads are preferred. CDs are accepted, of course. Use this address:

P.O. Box 9746
Huntsville, TX 77340

To submit music for the podcast, I am happy to download mp3s from your website or use CDs. I generally rip at 192 kbps, so the higher bit rate your mp3s, the better I like it!

Though I've moved from El Paso, I'm still producing the show. It's now a pre-recorded show, instead of live, but still the same great music.

Other media work

Besides the radio show and podcast, I used to do a lot of other media and media-related stuff in the El Paso, Texas, area.

One of my favorite avocations was being one of the play-by-play announcers for Las Cruces high schools football and basketball broadcasts. I also worked for CBS/Westwood One for five Sun Bowl broadcasts and four others in varying capacities. I used to be Jon Teicher's football broadcast spotter and a KROD football reporter as well.

Here in Houston, I've been fortunate enough to work with Westwood One on two Houston Texans games, as well as the NCAA Men's Regional basketball finals and the 2010 Women's Final Four in San Antonio.

I hosted Technology Tips, a 30 minute general purpose technology television show which, thankfully, is no longer viewable on the web!